My Favorite Part of the Oscars

As if the Tony Awards didnt give me enough Neil Patrick Harris, I just smiled when he walked on stage for this opening number.


Can’t Get Over the Energy In the Avett Brother’s Performance

While not exactly theatre, the Avett Brothers brought the Missouri Theatre to life with their performance on Tuesday evening.
The night started with the opening band the Low Anthem. Playing in almost the same style as the Avett’s, the Low Anthem combined melodic melodies with sounds of upright bass, banjo and guitar. Anthem’s members also moved constantly around the stage playing instruments some of which were hard to indentify. Most impressive was the point near the end of one of their songs in which they asked members of the audience to call someone else in the audience and put their phones on speaker. The whole auditorium filled up with noises similar to what a cricket would make. The Low Anthem made a perfect opening act to the high energy of the Avett’s.
From the first notes on the stage the Avett Bros captured an energy that would remain throughout the entire performance. Mixing their folk-like tunes with dance-like motions from the players kept the audience wanting to dance. The stage was first set with a white background with teardrop shaped symbols. This background changed colors with the music sung. Purples, blues, reds and even oranges flashed across the stage mixing colors with the emotions felt by the music. Playing both old and new songs, you could see so many true fans knowing the words to everything.
Towards the middle of the performance, the screen lifted when the Avett’s played their title song off of their newest record, “I and Love and You.” For those not familiar with this song, the chorus sings “Ahh Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in. Are you in the shape I’m in? My hands they shake my head t spins. Ahh Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in.” As soon as the first Brooklyn was sung, the background lifted revealing the Brooklyn Bridge with a shot of New York in the distance. The lyrics seemed to take the audience right to the scene in the picture and straight to Brooklyn itself.
The energy felt from being transported into the music last all through the end of the performance when the Avett’s came back for a full encore with the audience standing up and dancing practically the whole time. This concert was proof that there is nothing like good music to make you happy and brighten the days of everyone who can hear it.


Why I love being on costume crew

1. I like helping people especially those who appreciate getting help.
2. Organization is a must in keeping everything together and I thrive on organization.
3. Backstage is a place full of energy when a show is happening.
4. I like being able to fix problems if they ever arise.

Overall, everything has been running smoothly so far and Brighton Beach is such a good show. If you have a chance to see it, I think it is a must see.


starting costume crew today

today is the first day of dress rehearsal for Brighton Beach Memoirs on the University of Missouri campus. I was in costume crew all throughout high school, but haven’t been in that kind of experience since then. Look for more posts as I dive into this experience.


Unworthy of WHOSE love?- Thoughts about Assassins

I’ve always thought this song was so pretty and sweet…that was until I realized exactly what the song was about.
On the outside it is an extremely passionate love song set to an equally as moving score. However, it is sung by actors portraying Lynette Fromme and John Hickley. For those of you who don’t know about them, here is a short history lesson.

Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme is a member of the Manson family who attempted to kill president Gerald Ford. John Hickley was desperately in love with actress Jodie Foster and tried to kill Ronald Reagan in order to impress her.

Try thinking about that when you listen and the whole song has a completely different meaning. Still just as pretty to me though.


Much To Say About Much Ado About Nothing

From the moment you step into the Playhouse Theater at Stephens College, you are transported directly into Shakespeare’s time. From the lavishly decorated sets, to the before show entertainment provided by minstrels (who will turn out later to be the character Dogberry and his band) Much Ado About Nothing embraces you with comedy from the very start.
All of the actors in this production right down to the smallest ensemble member helped to provide the audience with everything they needed to understand the difficult language. Most notable was the couple Benedick and Beatrice played by Dan Shultz and Sarah Pinzl. The couple fights constantly and therefore is destined to be together in the end. The two were both tremendous. Not only in saying every line to perfection, but adding just the right amount of physical movement and comedy, which is necessary for their characters.
One couldn’t seem to overlook the “James Franco-ish” Claudio played by Gabriel Di Chiara. He was more than convincing as the loveable hero male of the story. With every word he spoke, he won the hearts of most of the women in the audience.
However, with all of the exceptional acting, something could also be said for the extraordinary costuming. Each actor was dressed in complete period pieces, which somehow also related distinctly to their characters. This was most notable with Don John, the so-called villain of the story, and his band of followers, Conrade and Borachio. All three were dressed in similar clothing to the heroes of the story (Benedick and Claudio). However, while the hero’s outfits were lined with the noble color of blue, the villains had black instead.
Overall, the performance will keep you on your toes and laughing throughout.
Much Ado About Nothing runs at the Playhouse Theater on the Stephen’s College campus Feb 19-21, 26-27.


Disney to release new movie “Prom”

I grew up in Orlando, Florida making me something of a Disney geek. If you cant tell by the blog, I’m also in love with theater and musicals in general. Therefore, I’ve always been into the High School Musical Movies. There is something about them that is happy and makes me happy just watching them.
Disney is reportedly working on a new movie using the same formula as the high school musical trilogy. I know, you might be as excited as I first was, until you read closer and find out this is not a musical movie. Sadly, I guess I will have to wait to see happy feel good musical movies until High School Musical 4 comes out….

I also think this representation of this song using Sims is quite hilarious.